Featuring Imperial Tours (in chronological order):

Nov ’05: Financial Times Banquet Lunch On Water
"Meet the ‘Open Sesame’ Specialists"
Sophy Roberts profiles 10 super-agents- travel experts who can give their customers access to the most exclusive accommodation and events.

Oct ’05: Departures
"Outstanding Outfitters: Who to Call"

Sep '05: Travel+Leisure
"The A-list"

June '05: Luxury Travel Advisor
"Advisor Insight"

Jan '05: The Sunday Times Magazine
"Chinese Getaway"

Oct '04: National Geographic Traveler
"80 Experts For Your Travel Files"
Top-of-the-line Travel Experts

Sep '04: Travel + Leisure
"The A-list Travel Super-Agents"
T+L's 125 Top Travel Super-Agents

Mar '04: Wall Street Journal
"Banking On Travel"

The Importance of Third Party Escrow Accounts

Feb '04: Wall Street Journal
"That Sinking Feeling"
A review of the Yangzi River Cruise

Jan '04: Travel Channel
"Walk The Great Wall of China "
The Great Wall could stretch from Florida to the North Pole

Sep '03: Travel + Leisure
"The A-list 125 Travel Super-Agents"
They're the ultimate travel experts...

Aug '03: Travel Age West
China Eyes 2008 Games

Mar '03: Spirit: The Magazine of the Special Olympics
"Rising Star

Nancy Kim lends her time, talent and energy to benefit Special Olympics China
by Jacob Ulevich

Sep '02: Travel + Leisure
"The A-list 70 travel super-agents"
Meet the SUPERAGENTS, 70 travel consultants who'll make your next vacation the trip of a lifetime.

Jul '00: City Edition
"Keeping Them Occupied "
Send those friends and relations off on unusual summer tours

Nov '99: HK Magazine
"Escape routes

Top tips for holiday planners



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