Guest Comments
  "There were many terrific aspects of the tour. In particular, the tour director - both as a concept and the specific individuals - turned out to be much more important than we had anticipated. We would never have gotten as much out of China on our own as we did with Imperial."
Michael Hammer, voted by Time Magazine one of the 25 most influential people in the world.

"The time has come for me to tell you just how fabulous the trip was. I'm sure you have been told this before, but it was all I could have wished for (and Tom agrees). Everything went so remarkably smoothly, and everything was truly fascinating. Of course, China itself is so fascinating, and it was a trip I craved for years. But, the trip on paper couldn't possibly alert us to just how wonderful it would be. Nor could we have imagined how wonderful our interaction with Eva, our tour director, was going to be. Being perfectly honest, I, as a traveler who likes to explore mainly by myself, was somewhat apprehensive about spending 2 weeks with someone I didn't know. Eva dispelled this apprehension from the onset, and it never returned. Also, we had heard from other travelers (not your travelers, to be sure) that China's city guides could be less than wonderful. We did not find this to be the case. All were knowledgeable, sensitive, and obviously intelligent as well as wonderfully competent, and, indeed, fluent in English. It was greatly appreciated.."

"You have given us a priceless gift: an introduction to China we will always cherish. The tour was simply fabulous. Your attention to detail provided many extra-special moments."
SN, Rochester, MN.

"We could not possibly have imagined how spectacular this trip to China has been. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for starting Imperial Tours and giving us so many 'Imperial Moments'. "
J.J.M., Paris, France

" I feasted for eight days on the best food I have ever eaten, in the most interesting and beautiful restaurants in the world. Gingko leaves covering the floor, vibrant flowers, spotless linens, and elegant service! What more could you ask for? "
A.K., NY, NY.

" Thanks for showing us in two weeks a China that my Chinese colleagues haven't seen in their lives."
L.B., Saratoga, CA.

"Imperial Tours was true to its name, my sister and I were treated like royalty."
VM, Rochester, MN.

"They showed me a China I never knew existed."
R.A., Beverley Hills, CA.

"You made this trip the best trip I have ever taken, and I thank you for your gift"
A.M., Puyullup, WA.

"I cannot praise the hosts or the arrangements too highly. They were outstanding in every way. I have never had a more pleasant tour anywhere and I have traveled over most of the world."
R.F., Old Saybrook, CT. For R.F.'s full reference, please click here .

"Thank you for your assistance and hard work...fortuitous is the only thing I can say..for that is how I came to hear that Imperial Tours is the only way to see China and indeed it is."
T.B., NY, NY.

"You guys are amazing! So much effort must go into your tours and yet it all seems effortless...What a difference 15 years makes. "
B.P., Brentwood, CA.

" Guy was able to:
- Become part of our family, and/or make us part of his Imperial one.
- Put together the only thinking tourists travel package in the world."

J.B., Saratoga, CA

"We were, indeed, delighted with the tour that we took with Imperial Tours. Guides, restaurants, places that we visited, punctuality, cars and vans that your company uses all were to our highest standards."
W.H., Los Angeles, CA.

Picnic  By The Ming Tombs" What were the highlights? Well, there were so many it's difficult to pull out just a few. I shall remember the magical picnic in the persimmon grove by the Ming tombs (a real Nancy special)... "
M.E., Repton, UK.

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The full text of reference from R.F. (excerpt above), dated January 3, 2002, follows;.

" Hi!

I am delighted to act as a reference for Nancy and Guy. It might help for me to explain my situation and the services Imperial provided. I am a retired former executive of Citicorp and Travelers Insurance. I now work full time but in a job that is more for the enjoyment of it than anything else. I have lived and traveled all over the world. In October I found that I was going to be able to leave my job for a couple of weeks so I took advantage of that to take my handicapped son to China. I lived in Beijing as a young man, leaving there in 1949 when the communists took over. I had studied the language and, though I had not returned for 50 years, still spoke some rusty Mandarin. I wanted to visit some of the places that I used to go to and see parts of China I had not seen. I wanted comfort, cleanliness and a variety of experiences in the cities, smaller towns and the countryside.

Nancy and Guy conducted the finest tour that I could have gone on. Everything flowed like clock work. The accomodations were outstanding, the food was superb, the places we visited were well selected and provided the variety I wanted. Guy and Nancy stayed with us for the tour, however, we had a Chinese tour guide with us in each location. They were all good, however, Steven, in Beijing, was exceptionally fine, willing to provide a great deal of political, economic and social information that would have been hard to obtain under most circumstances. The meals were incredible. They were provided in unique locations (on a boat in an Imperial Park, in an old Buddhist temple, in a lakeside tea house) and each was a banquet, yet seldom was there a duplication of dishes. Entertainment was provided in a private showing of a Chinese opera and a limited private showing of the Shanghai Acrobats.

I mentioned I wanted variety. We spent time in the cities, went to the Great Wall, toured the countryside on three wheeled motorcycles, shopped, went to museums, watched embroidery making, had a tea ceremony and visited a tea museum, went down river on bamboo rafts with cormorants, bargained in the Antiquity Market, and visited the major temples and parks in Beijing as well as the activities already mentioned.

I can not praise the hosts or the arrangements too highly. They were outstanding in every way. I have never had a more pleasant tour anywhere and I have traveled over most of the world. You will not go wrong by using them!!! I just wish I could go with you! If there are any questions you have please do not hesitate to call me or email me. "

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