The A-list

"Travel + Leisure" cover, September 2004

Who needs a travel agent? Who doesn't? Whether you're planning a honeymoon, a cruise around the world, or just a long weekend, a good agent can help you find the perfect place, the perfect rooms, and the perfect guides - all at the right price. For T+L's 2004 A-List, we conducted hundreds of interviews with top agents to find the ones whose knowledge, connections, and commitments to service make them the best of the best.On the following pages, you'll find these travel savants listed according to their area of expertise; you'll also learn about the dream trips they'd like to take, and the kinds of solutions they propose for a handful of travel dilemmas. And because our super-agents are on the front lines of travel every day, at the beginning of each section we've highlighted emerging trends they're noticing - a preview of where we'll all want to be going in the coming year. So take a closer look: the A-List could make your next trip the trip of a lifetime.

GUY RUBIN - CHINA Dream Trip: "A Himalayan odyssey in Lhasa, Tibet - golden monasteries rise from the rugged, arid landscape - with a personal chef to make up for the lack of local facilities." Years as agent: 5.
Consulting Fee $150 Imperial Tours; ( )

Reported and edited by David Jefferys and Nathan Lump, Illustrated by Gelman

September 2004, TRAVEL & LEISURE




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